My Own Personal Brand of Charm

I was thinking about the people that I know. I realized that of all the people I know pretty much everyone falls in to one of 2 camps: those that find me charming and those that find me incredibly annoying, arrogant, abrasive (and other adjectives beginning with “a”).

I’m pretty much on a 24/7 kick to better myself with the results being mixed as might be statistically predictable. In an effort to stay true to my perpetual journey towards self improvement I decided to spend a bit of time hashing over what separates the first group of people in my life from the second.

My conclusion is that I possess my own personal brand of charm, and just as some people are dogmatically committed to Coke while others will run in front of a bus to lay their hands on a Pepsi, my particular brand of charm just isn’t for everyone.

So to all those who tell me that I’m funny, smart, and other nice things–thank you for being born with a particular set of tastes that has led you to me.

To those of you that think I’m just not your particular brand of person that’s ok. Please know that I do not hold this against you, but also please know that I’m just me and I tend to be a bit (insert all “a” adjectives from earlier) at times. It is never personal. I do not knowingly try to be (again the list of “a” adjectives).  Thank you for putting up with it.

Written because I miss writing and am trying out 5 minutes of uninterrupted writing a day. If it turns out funny, mildly entertaining, insightful, or otherwise worth reading I will post it here. I will not waste your time with 5 minutes on how my cat looks, the food I wish I were eating, or the imaginary vacation I’m planning in my head.

-Emily at Home

One Response to “My Own Personal Brand of Charm”

  1. Perhaps the people who think you’re an asshole just don’t know you. Maybe the “first impression” you give some people is abrasive, etc. But if everybody developed a fixed opinion about everyone else based on first impressions, I doubt most of us would have many friends at all.

    Regardless, I think you’re swell! :)

    Also, I don’t remember if I sent you the link to my blog or not. But there it is if you should so choose to peruse it.

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